Stars of the Moscow Circus     The oldest circus dynasty in Russia    If you interesting in booking them - Do it now.



                                 PHOTO GALLERIES

     Vladlena Lapiado                      Marina Lapiado                           Ananyevs

Personnel:  4 performers, 3 assistants.
    Animals: 24 dogs.
Duration:    Performeing dogs - 6min.
             Hoola-Hoops - 5 min.
   Air Act - 6 min.
We have the special bus for transportation of animals and equipme

Last ten years has fulfilled in many countries of the world. 1992-Belgium 1993-Southern Africa 1994-Japan 1995-Philippines Singapore Hong-Kong 1996-Australia of Chile Argentina 1997-Colombia Ecuador 1998-Japan 1999-France Italy 2000-Canada
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